• Get Mobile

    Uno smartphone and tablet access integrates your discovery service with their day.

    Get Mobile
  • Uncompromised Discovery

    Built by a software specialist and not a content provider, Uno innovation is best-of-breed. Discovery results return according to your search, not by their source.

    Uncompromised Discovery
  • No obligation, stand-alone discovery

    Uno will work with any LMS, any database, and any material. Uno bears no affiliation with content, and requires no database subscriptions, or LMS functionality.

    Stand-alone Discovery
  • Unlock your content; instant results

    Deliver a single user-friendly point of discovery to your content, your way. Boost circulation, search statistics and reduce searches-per session.

    Instant Results
Uno is a cloud-based discovery layer that provides a single search for all your content - no matter the format, or location. Built and supported by an Australian library & information software specialist unaffiliated with content, Uno is a customisable stand-alone solution.

Discover Connect
Discover new dimensions: connect to other libraries

Connect to share resources with libraries near-by and save.

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Discover Value
Discover Value

A simple monthly flat-rate fee saves you time and money. Gain leading innovation without installation, upgrade or administration tasks!

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Discover Ease
Discover how easy it is

We build it, brand it, install it…and then we maintain it for you.

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Discover Innovation
Discover innovation

Uno’s ‘Select to Search’, single-click access and Centralised Index Feature maximise discoverability and results

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