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Developed and supported in Australia, Uno combines the very best harvesting engine technology with user-friendly features, to deliver a single point of discovery for all your content.

Build your Uno Discovery Layer

Configuring a customised discovery system isn’t hard with Uno: we will build it, brand it and then install and maintain Uno for you.

Uno Technicians are available to connect to any number of libraries, databases, external catalogues or internal systems as you need. We will also customise your Uno discovery interface and provide all hosting, network and upgrade services, delivering new features as they’re available.

Harvesting, relevancy and authentication is all managed by Uno to provide direct, single sign-on access to items as the user’s membership allows.

  • ‘Search Libraries Nearby’ option
  • ‘Select to Search’ – a refined broadcast maximises results relevance
  • Uno centralised index feature
  • Simultaneously harvest all sources
  • Mobile discovery via any web-enabled device

From the results screen, simply click to sort, group or dynamically update and re-run searches.

  • Dynamically expand, refine, group, save & export results
  • One-click-view results by format, location, author...
  • Pop-up: Integrate search results as new items are harvested
  • De-dupe facilities, full-text filters, relevancy graphics
  • Patron authentication & single sign-on access
  • Single-click access to the native system/screen
  • WebServices API
  • Direct export to BibTex

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